10. Movie of Sumo Battle Against Pound Of Wood

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All of these notions are theoretical. It is amazing the number of great ideas that fail miserably in the ring. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is No.2 (a powerful, complex, sophisticated technological machine) versus a piece of wood.

Click to see a movie of No.2 mini-sumo robot versus an inanimate block of wood.

Just look at the shock on the face of Pound of Wood! Click to see the movie.

In an actual public competition, No.2 won all 9 matches without ever being pushed out. The robot won first place. It was nice for all of my thinking, engineering, machining, soldering, programming, and testing to have resulted in exactly what I was trying to accomplish.

If you’ve ever made a robot, regardless of its capabilities, then you know the joy of seeing it work.