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All of the contents on this page are out of date. When something interesting was removed from the old Robot Room pages, it ended up here.

Old Background:

This wood flooring background was on the site until August 3rd, 2000.


This lovely rendering was on the home page until August 3rd, 2000.

David Cook waving
My wife hates this picture.
She's pleased that my right hand is showing so that people
won't suspect I’m married at all, much less to her.
She's been teasing me about it in hopes that I will change it.
But, the more she jokes about it, the more endearing it is to me.
She now demands a vote.
She doesn't realize that the kind of people I’m friends with
will likely vote FOR an ugly picture of me.
Perhaps I will replace this with a picture of a cat.
Perhaps I will replace this with a picture of her.

David's self portrait. Circa 1988. MacPaint on Apple Macintosh SE. Later colored on Mac IIci with Electronic Arts' Studio/8

Summer Sale Ended:
Yellow wire
Newark Electronics logo
Newark Electronics is having a summer sale on 68HC908 microcontrollers.

MC68HC908GP32CP and MC68HC908GP32CFB microcontrollers The MC68HC908GP32CP package is a plastic DIP chip that fits into standard breadboards and 40-pin sockets.

The MC68HC908GP32CFB package is a tiny, surface-mounted chip; about the size of a plain m&m's chocolate candy.

Stock No. Type Pkg. User RAM User FLASH Reg. Now
95B4407 MC68HC908GP32CP 40 PDIP 512 bytes 32,256 bytes $11.00 $7.10
02C6745 MC68HC908GP32CFB 44 QFP 512 bytes 32,256 bytes $11.00 $7.10

Development kits are on sale also. The M68ICS08GP kit includes everything you need to program and run the GP32 directly from your Windows 95, 98, or NT computer. It even comes with two GP32 chips - one plastic DIP and one tiny surface mount.

I think the retail price for this kit is outrageous! It should be $99. After all, developers use these kits to create designs that result in the large volume sales, which is what semiconductor manufacturers really want.

Stock No. Type Reg. Now
94B1142 M68ICS08GP $327.81 $295.00

Yellow wire
Happy Halloween!! This pumpkin greeted visitors on the home page during Halloween week, 2000.

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