Major Features of Copper Connection

Copper Connection is a PCB layout program for creating and editing single-sided, double-sided, and four-layer printed circuit boards.

PCB Gallery

Thumbnails are shown when the application starts up to help you manage your circuit board collection.
Quickly find a board visually, or search for part numbers and board text.

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Welcoming Editor

The attractive user interface contains standard menus and tools that you are already familiar with. This reduces the learning curve so you can concentrate on designing a great circuit.


Turn Over

View and work from either side of the board. That's right! Now you can do on the computer exactly what you do in real life -- turn the board over to make sure both sides are correct.

View from front

View from front

View from back

View from back

Or, use x-ray vision to see through the layers

X Ray Vision


The software includes a straight font for compatibility, and rounded fonts for a more professional look.
Also, a tiny font squeezes in details but maintains minimum manufacturing line thickness.


Fonts include common electrical symbol characters (such as micro, ohm, and ground)

Electrical symbols

Parts Library

Quickly add parts to the board using a visual menu of most recently used components
Or, use the searchable library


Pin Annotations

Displays the pin number and functions to ensure you're connecting the correct traces together

Pin numbers and functions


Check for electrical shorts between power and ground.
Click on any trace to inspect and follow electrical paths.


Copper Pours

Dynamically create large filled areas with electrical clearance for elements
These fills reduce noise, heat, and etch time

Filled plane with clearance

Bill of Materials

Your parts list is automatically maintained as you add parts or name groups of elements
It even catches duplicate part IDs

Bill of materials


Print to inspect or etch at home


Industry Standard Output

When you're ready to order professionally manufactured boards, the purchased editions export to Gerber RS-274X and Excellon NC Drill files. Use the default settings or adjust the output to the manufacturer's requirements.

Export settings

Standard Features

Includes the editing features you expect in all modern applications, such copy/paste, alignment, find, and multiple undo.