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When you purchase a license, you will receive a product key to unlock the features. If you have already downloaded the current version of the software, simply choose Enter Product Key from the Help menu.

Home EditionStudio EditionUltimate Edition
Etch at homeYesYesYes
Drill at homeYesYesYes
Prototype ManufacturingYesYes
Production ManufacturingYesYes
Compare BoardsYesYes
Open File FormatYes
Copy SpecialYes
Free of charge $49

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Home Edition

Design, print, etch, and drill your own boards at home. A great way to start. Can be upgraded at any time.

Studio Edition

Get professionally manufactured boards made by the PCB manufacturer of your choice. Studio Edition exports to industry-standard Gerber and Excellon file formats.

You can save considerable money and have a wider selection of board options (sizes, colors, finishes) by having the ability to shop around. Copper Connection doesn't lock you in to one supplier.

Ultimate Edition

Best choice for professionals, companies, or developers.

OPEN TEXT FORMAT: Files can be saved in an open text format. Ultimate Edition is an excellent decision if want to:

COPY SPECIAL: In addition, elements can be selected and copied from within Copper Connection and then pasted into a spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel. This allows you to analyze the elements and save them in other formats (such as CSV -- comma separated values). Also, you can make changes manually or in bulk by modifying the values in the spreadsheet, and then paste the elements back into Copper Connection.


Q: Can I use this on more than one computer?
A: Yes, up to four computers for your own use