Bugdozer Testing Videos

A secret to making successful robots is to test them over and over. Fine-tuning makes the difference between a champion and an “also ran”.

Before entering Bugdozer in a mini sumo robot competition, I recorded videos of the robot in action. Then, I played them back and inspected the robot’s moves frame-by-frame to make sure the programming performed as intended.

Warning: These videos are moderately large (300K to 500K) and hard to see! The lighting conditions are pathetic.

Turn up the brightness on your monitor to see better!

Bugdozer vs. Pound Of Wood

Bugdozer vs. Pound Of Wood

Bugdozer vs. out-of-the-way Pound Of Wood

Bugdozer vs. Pound Of Wood, round 2

Pound Of Wood tries to get sneaky and not sit directly in the line of attack.

Bugdozer vs. Three Pound Of Soups

Bugdozer vs. Three “Pound Of Soups”

Bugdozer dispatches them one after the other without delay or hesitation.

Bugdozer vs. a cat?

Bugdozer vs. a cat?

(During taping of an earlier segment, Bugdozer taunts a cat into “Bringing it on!”)

I told you they were hard to see.